Operations Division

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The Operations Division represents the largest commitment of departmental resources for the City of Sierra Madre. This commitment underscores the Department’s dedication to the protection and preservation of public safety. Division responsibilities include responding to calls for service as well as finding solutions for a wide variety of problems within our community. The Division includes sworn patrol officers, detectives, traffic officers and traffic collision investigators, community service officers, parking enforcement officers and police cadets.

Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau’s primary mission is to enhance the safety and security of the community by providing professional frontline law enforcement services. Patrol shifts generally consist of a watch sergeant, a minimum of two patrol officers and a motorcycle officer. They make crime reports, answer calls for service and patrol the community to prevent crime. In addition, they often identify non-crime related problems in the community and help facilitate solutions.  

Investigation Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is responsible for all follow-up on crime reports prepared by the Patrol Officers. Investigators handle special investigations involving a variety of crimes requiring either specialized training or a coordinated approach. Examples include narcotics cases, surveillances, white collar crime, search warrants, vice, burglary, thefts, robbery, and homicides. The Investigations Bureau is responsible for preparing cases for court filing and assisting the Assistant District Attorney with prosecution of felony cases in trial.

Traffic Bureau

The Sierra Madre Police Department's Traffic Safety Division consists of one captain, one sergeant, two police officers and a records clerk. Police vehicles include one police motorcycle, one black and white police car and one utility truck. There are trailers with light towers, radar equipment, and message signs. They are dedicated to the safety of its citizens whether they are walking, biking, or driving. These officers strive to keep the streets safe through active enforcement and high visibility.

Responsibilities include: traffic law enforcement, fatal and injury collision investigations, hit and run collision investigations, intoxicated driver checkpoints, and instilling public awareness of traffic laws and safety. They are also responsible for traffic control from holiday parades and sporting events.

The Traffic Safety Division also works with local schools by holding bicycle rodeos to promote children's bicycle safety, and "Every Fifteen Minutes;" a program that brings awareness to teens about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

For additional information or questions about a traffic concern, please call your police department at 626-355-1414.