The City of Sierra Madre has for over 100 years been the setting for numerous productions, motion and still photography. This picturesque town has appealed to all genres from Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) to the hit television series Glee (2010). Filming in Sierra Madre provides future generations a glimpse of Sierra Madre today and affords student filmmakers the opportunity to shoot school projects at a lesser cost.

Every Film Permit Application is reviewed by the City's Film Monitor, Police Captain, and Fire Chief to ensure the integrity of the City as well as to address any and all conditions specified. After a Film Permit is issued the Film Monitor will be on site monitoring each companies conduct. An FSO (Fire Safety Officer) and police officer will also be on location if the reviewers deem it necessary. Together with the residents let's continue to have the City captured in film!

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Filming FAQ's

How is permission granted to production companies?
The production company must submit a Film Application to the Film Coordinator no later than 10 business days of any activity. The application is reviewed by Community Services, Sierra Madre PD, Sierra Madre Fire and if need be, Public Works. Upon department approval residential approval within 250 ft. of the proposed filming site determines if the application will be granted or denied.

How will I know if filming will occur?
A Notice of Intent to Film will be delivered to residents within 250 ft. of the proposed film site within 5 days. The production company Location Scout or Location Manager will canvas the proposed film site within 250 ft. to secure resident / merchant approval for productions with film activity involving any special effects, stunts or after hour requests. All notices will be on production letterhead, drafted by the production company and Location Manager with his/her contact information.

What is a Location Scout or Location Manager and how do I know they are legitimate?
A Location Scout or Location Manager is a person sent by production companies to find the perfect location for a film shoot. Location personnel will approach a home owner or tenant of the potential property for approval and ask to take photos of the property, interior and exterior depending on the need or look. One can verify the legitimacy of the Location Scout by asking a few questions:

  1. Ask to see ID with the production company name, phone, email and production title.

  2. Call the Studio they are scouting for and ask for verification.

  3. Call the City of Sierra Madre Film Coordinator for further assistance.

What questions should I ask? Always ask the name of the Production Company, the number of total days to be on the proposed film location, the total number of people, description of activity, hours of activity and if there will be special effects, stunts or pyrotechnics.

Can filming occur without a City permit? No. If a permit is granted the Film Monitor will ask for a Property Permission Form with the owner's information and stated approval which will be attached to permit. The Film Coordinator or City Designee will be on site for the duration of a motion picture shoot along with an Fire Safety Officer and Police if they are needed. Should any activity occur without a City permit or City representative contact the Sierra Madre Police Department at 626-355-1414.