Sierra Madre Older American

2023 Sierra Madre Older Americans

Congratulation Clem & Nina Bartolai

The Senior Community Commission, City of Sierra Madre, met on April 13, 2023, at their regular meeting and was tasked with selecting the 2023 Older American of the Year Award.  There were six nominations submitted and the Commission discussed each application in detail.  All nominations submitted were all deserving of the Award.  After the discussions were concluded the Senior Community Commission voted unanimously in selecting Clem and Nina Bartolai as the Older Americans of the Year for 2023.

Clem and Nina have been married for 63 years and Nina has lived in Sierra Madre for 82 years and Clem has lived in Sierra Madre for 63 years.  They have two daughters, Lisa and husband David Brandley, and Renee and husband Jim Smith.  They also have two granddaughters, Madison and Taylor and a great grandson.

In her career, Nina was a registered nurse, worked at Arnold's hardware and delivered flowers for Leanora Moss.  Clem's career was at JPL as a technical illustrator for 9 years and an office administrator for an office furniture company for 34 years. Clem was a renown cyclist and won numerous awards in competition. He participated in 62 races of 200 miles or more and is in the Triple Crown of cycling in the State of California. He would cycle over 200 miles within a 24 hour period and everyone in the cycle world knew Clem or knew of him.

Clem was extremely active in Sierra Madre's city council, commissions, Rose Float, Lion's Club, 4th of July Parade, Parks and Recreation Commission, Planning Commission, Kiwanis Club, Community Foundation, Friends of the Library, Historical Society, SMEAC, and was Mayor for three terms and on City Council for 12 years.

Nina was also very active in Sierra Madre Rose Float Association, Historical Society, Friends of the Library, Senior Community Commission and Chair of the Commission and most noteworthy was her participation in the oldest civic club in Sierra Madre, the Priscilla's. The Priscilla's was founded in the 1800's and is still active today.  The Priscilla's, as a civic club, raised funds that eventually contributed to the first City Hall and the Episcopal Chruch being built in Sierra Madre.  In order to be a member of the Priscilla's Club, you have to be voted in, not just join.

We are very proud that the Bartolai's have been honored as the 2023 Older Americans of the Year.