Campaign Sign Permit

Campaign Sign Permit Applications should be submitted in personal at City Hall with bond payment Monday - Thursday, 7:30am - 5:30pm.  

General Provisions for Campaign Sign Regulations: Election signs are permitted without a permit in all zones, however, the following regulations apply to candidates, their campaign committee(s) and their respective signs.

1. A one hundred dollar cash bond shall be posted with the City to guarantee removal of election signs by candidates or their campaign committee(s) for all signs related to the campaign;

2. Signs shall not exceed six square feet in area with the aggregate signage for each lot not exceeding eighteen square feet and signs shall not exceed six feet in height above the adjacent grade;

3. Signs shall not be illuminated in residential zones;

4. Signs shall not be nailed to trees, fences, public utility poles and shall not be located on City facilities;

5. Signs shall be designed and placed in a manner that does not create a vehicular or pedestrian traffic safety hazard as determined by the city engineer.

6. Signs shall be removed within ten days after the election or bond posted shall be forfeited and the city shall use whatever part of the bond money as is necessary for removal. Any amount of the bond remaining shall be refunded upon request made within ninety days after the election; and

7. The one hundred dollar bond requirement shall also apply to signs located at campaign or party headquarters.