The City of Sierra Madre's streets and sidewalks are maintained by the Public Works Department. The Department strives to maintain the City's streets and sidewalks by providing fast and reliable service to its residents. The Public Works Department continues to improve and maintain the streets through the City's ongoing street rehabilitation project.


The Public Works Department is committed to making sure the streets of Sierra Madre stay in the high Pavement Condition Index ratings. Currently, the rating for our streets is 76 which is in the very good range, 86-100 being excellent. Public Works has contracted with Bucknam Infrastructure Group for the year 2023 report for the State. We are anticipating the rating to climb the scale this year.

This year’s street project consisted of a section of Sturtevant Dr., Mountain Trail Ave., and a section of E. Mira Monte. The construction included concrete improvements to the Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter, Cross Gutter, ADA Ramps, and grinding and capping of the asphalt surface.

The 2023-24 Street project will begin to be designed in July for a construction period of January 2024. The streets being looked at for repair are listed in the revised Resolution 23-33 attached.


The City Council has committed to a new Sidewalk Repair and replacement program. At the July 26, 2022, City Council meeting the City Council approved a new program for the repair (smooth grinding), the replacement of hazardous sidewalks and to continue infilling the sidewalk where it is feasible to install new sidewalks.

Public Works evaluated and inspected all the city sidewalks and inventoried all displacements, deficiencies, and hazards. The result was 2,158 areas with deficiencies of > ¼” to >1” sidewalk lifts. There are also 319 lifts <1” which result in a recommended removal and replacement for repairs. Most of our sidewalk lifts are caused by private and public trees.

The City is now broken down into four sections for four separate projects. Staff accomplished the grinding and repair of the first section Zone 2 with a contract with Precision Concrete. Staff was also able to perform replacements of greater than 1” sidewalks with the 2022-23 Street Project. The upcoming fiscal year budget staff will continue with another zone for repair and replacement. The goal is to reevaluate in the fourth year of the program, to create a list for an annual repair and replacement program.


The City receives tax dollars from many Federal, State, and local sources, including the following.

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