Grading / Drainage Permits

Grading & Drainage Permits are generally required for excavation of 2 feet or more. Soil filling and slope adjustments may also require a permit. Please contact the Public Works Department for additional details Monday - Thursday between the hours of 7:30am - 5:30pm.

In order to acquire a Grading/Drainage Permit, you must submit a Grading Permit Application and Engineered Plans, including applicable soils or hydrology reports, to the Public Works Department for plan check. A deposit will be collected against the plan check.

Once plan check is complete, a Grading/Drainage Permit will be issued upon receipt of Grading Bond and Inspection Deposit.

Bond and deposits will be refunded (if applicable) after final Grading inspection.

Project involves a pool construction, a statement signed by owner prior to issuance of a swimming pool permit is required. Download the statement here.

For a list of current fees, bond amounts, and deposits, click here.