Water Source & Quality

The City of Sierra Madre is committed to keeping our community informed about the quality of our drinking water. The reports provided annually include information about where our drinking water comes from, the constituents found in our drinking water and how the water quality compares with the regulatory standards. We remain dedicated to providing our community with a safe, reliable supply of high quality drinking water.

Water Supply for the City of Sierra Madre comes from two sources:
1. Groundwater Wells in the East Raymond Basin,
2. Natural spring tunnel located in the Sierra Madre foothills

*All water is treated with chlorine disinfection before it is delivered to the residents’ home.

The City of Sierra Madre is responsible for providing high quality drinking water, but cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing components. When water has been sitting for several hours, residents can minimize the potential for lead exposure by flushing the tap (for 30 seconds to 2 minutes) before using water for drinking or cooking. Those that are concerned about lead in the water may wish to have their water tested.