Community Forest


The Community Forest Master Plan ensures the continuation and enhancement of the tree canopy for the beauty, wellbeing, livability, and long-term environmental health of the community of Sierra Madre.

The City of Sierra Madre’s mission to grow and perpetuate the community forest is embodied in the Community Forest Master Plan. This mission is expressed through these overarching goals:

  • Conserve and expand tree canopy cover equal to no net loss, with a gradual increase over time.
  • Foster increased public awareness and education regarding the environmental value of trees as green infrastructure
  • Promote increased shade-tree canopy for energy conservation, storm water capture, and improved air quality.
  • Encourage species selection appropriate for local environmental conditions and sustainability
  • Preserve and enhance community aesthetics and property values through increased canopy cover and diversity
  • Apply Best Management Practices for planting, maintaining, and responding to changed environmental conditions in the community forest