My Library Account

 Log into your Library Account to manage your account info, notifications, items out/renewals, reserves/requests, and bookmarks.

Accessing your personal account is easier than ever. Simply type in your library card number, and enter your ten digit phone number. For additional protection, log into your account, (click Account Info) and set up a secure password. Forgot your password? Call 626-355-7186 or visit the Sierra Madre Public Library for help.

Once you are logged into your Library Account, click My Account on the top right corner. Personalize your library account by clicking the following five tabs:

Account Info

View fines, update your contact information and set a secure password.


Receive notifications through e-mail or text message when items are due, and sign up for emailed checkout receipts.

Items Out/Renewals

View the items you have checked out and renew items as needed.


Place a reserve on materials, free of charge, and request items to be purchased for the Library.


Track materials using the bookmark feature.