Sierra Madre Library Celebrates Local Heroes

Sierra Madre Library Celebrates Local Heroes
Posted on 07/02/2020
The theme for the 2020 Sierra Madre Public Library bookmark contest could not have been more appropriately selected: Sierra Madre Heroes. What better time than 2020 to highlight the heroes among us. Entries were thoughtful, topical, and beautifully drawn… and showed how heroes come in many shapes and sizes.

The winners were selected by age groups by our sponsors: The Friends of the Sierra Madre Library, the Mountain Views News, the Sierra Madre Community Foundation, Sierra Madre Firefighters Association, and the Sierra Madre Woman’s Club... and here are the winners! Grades K-1, Ellen Thomas – 1st place and Zina Chou – 2nd Place; Grade 2, Autumn Noh – 1st Place and Sage Alva – 2nd Place; Grade 3, Anne Garrett – 1st Place and Arcadia Shula – 2nd Place; Grade 4-5, Emma Noel Abajian – 1st Place and Juliet Kirages – 2nd Place; Grade 6, Kaiya Masuda – 1st Place and Amy Hu – 2nd Place; Grade 7-8, Chloe Tubbs – 1st Place and Peyton Thomas – 2nd Place.

In addition to winning in their grade, four of these fabulous winning entries (depicted in the photo) have been selected by the Mayor, City Manager, Friends of the Library President and Library Trustee Chair to be printed. Those winners are Emma Noel Abajian, Ellen Thomas, Anne Garrett, and Chloe Tubbs. Bookmarks will be printed and available soon with your checked out materials and don’t forget to stop by the Library this month to view the bookmarks outside of the Library. Congratulations to all of the inspiring artists.

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