Banner Permits

Banners over public streets are limited to advertising community events of a non-profit nature sponsored by non-profit, civic or other similar community organizations. Overhead Banner support poles are located on City property at the corner of Baldwin Avenue and Sierra Madre Boulevard.

A permit must be obtained from the Community Services Department. A permit is good for one week (Monday to Sunday). Permission to use the banner poles will be on a priority basis, based on the date of filing the application. A maximum of four banner permits may be approved for any single organization per calendar year. No permit shall be effective until the applicant files with the City, an approved application, a Certificate of Insurance and pays the applicable fee. Banners should be professionally made and must be designed as specified in the application. Sample specifications are available upon request. Questions should be directed to the Community Services Department at 355-5278.

Banner Specification Size: 25’ x 3’ Weight: 13 ounce minimum weight per sq. yard Material: Canvas or Vinyl Reinforced Fabric Special Construction

    • Reinforced Corners; Canvas, Vinyl or Leather sewn into corner (minimum 6” on side)
    • Reinforced Edge; Nylon cord sewn into border (minimum 3/16 cord) 
    • Wind Flaps; Eight (8) wind flaps (minimum 6” diameter) equal spacing
    • Corner grommets with minimum 25’ nylon rope, tied to each corner
    • Must have Cable Snaps/holes must be big enough to fit carabiners that are 3 cm thick

The fee for each banner permit is $286 as of July 1, 2023. For details on the policies and procedures, please see the Banner Permit.